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Rail Freight

Our Rail-based solution offers great flexibility in both pricing and transit time to and from Zambia, not to mention the benefits to the environment.  Compared to the road, it is a great option for cargoes going to Zambia and DRC and is well organized with a fixed route and schedule.  With extensive knowledge of clearing and logistics in the region, we can offer the perfect rail freight solution for you.  Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the cost of logistics in East Africa.   

Cargo Rail Solution

The starting point for our rail solution is a few kilometers from the port of Dar es Salaam and inside our customs bonded facility where our transit cargoes are handled.  The port of Dar es Salaam is a hub for majority of the country’s trade.  It is among the largest ports of Africa’s east coast providing vital access to six landlocked countries in the form of Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, DRC. 

At the end of the line is our dry port in Kapiri Mposhi which acts as a logistics hub for both Zambian and DRC cargoes imported and exported via the port of Dar es Salaam, as both the ports are directly connected by the TAZARA railway.  To further strengthen this connection, we have partnered with Central African Corridor Company (CACC) in Kapiri Mposhi to replicate our successful cargo handling methods there. 

Train Frequency   

From our hub in Dar es Salaam, we are offering bi-weekly departures, both full container load (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) to Kapiri Mposhi with only 7 days transit time. The container types used for the train transports are 20’DV, 40’DV and 40’HQ. 

In Kapiri Mposhi, we offer storage for cargoes inside our bonded and non-bonded warehouses.  The trains are equipped with GPS devices which helps us provide our customers with daily information of the movement of their cargoes.  The goods can be collected by trucks at the dry port in Kapiri Mposhi and transported to the final destination in Zambia or DRC and vice versa.    

Tailored Package

We have in-house representatives for clearing and documentation.  Depending on what you need and require, our teams will provide clear communication throughout the movement of your cargoes from start to finish.  

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