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DSM Corridor Group Ltd is totally committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Each and every member of the DCG Organization will strive to deliver to our customers a defect-free service, meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements, the first time and all the time.



We provide outstanding solutions, from conceptual phase to execution and delivery to our customers, through the execution of innovative, safe, environmentally sound and economical operations while meeting relevant legal and other requirements.

We constantly evaluate our systems and processes to enable us to stay ahead of market demands and sustainably increase our service types by continuously improving the quality of our services via Integrated Management System.

Our staff is our most important asset in the company

  • We value our staff and provide them with the required support and resources to efficiently and effectively execute their daily activities

  • We offer individual development opportunities within the company

  • We maintain a fair and creative work environment that respects loyalty, integrity, new ideas and motivated work

  • We provide a fair work environment that ensures effective consultation and participation of our staff


DCG projects are planned and carried out with the following goals;

  • No personal injuries

  • No environmental incidents

  • No accidents

  • No damage to equipment or property

  • No lost time in operation



Last, but not least:


Our overall company objective is to be the preferred third-party cargo handling company in our market segments, with the final goal to meet market demands within the supply chain providing ultimate safe, environmentally sound, customer focused quality services that will meet or exceed their requirements.

                                   LEAVE IT IN OUR CAPABLE HANDS

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